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Articles and blog posts continue to promote revocable living trusts as great estate planning tools to avoid probate and take care of your family. Some of the claims about these documents are true, others are not, and some are just confusing. A revocable living trust may be helpful to include in your estate plan.



A revocable living trust (also called a “revocable trust” or “living trust”) is an arrangement you create to manage your assets during your lifetime and, like a will, to distribute those assets upon your death. A revocable trust can be a useful tool for managing your assets during any period of incapacity. It also avoids probate for the assets held in the trust, because trust assets are “non-probate” property.

We have prepared a guide REVOCABLE LIVING TRUSTS: GET THE FACTS which covers the FAQ about Living Trusts in Maryland the Facts, & Debunking Myths. Download our guide "REVOCABLE LIVING TRUSTS: GET THE FACTS" by clicking the image. 

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