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The Law Offices of Chelsea M. Sadler, LLC., offers Maryland Guardianship Law services for Cecil and Harford County, Maryland. If you are looking for a guardianship attorney to help you with legal matters that arise from issues related to incapacitation, we can offer you personalized legal counsel. If you are looking for a Cecil County guardianship lawyer for a aging loved one or special needs adult child, we can help guide you through the Maryland Guardianship Process. Schedule a consultation to learn more about our services and how we can assist you and your loved ones. We offer flexible appointment scheduling to accommodate your busy schedule.

Applying for Guardianship in Maryland


To initiate the guardianship process, you must file a petition with the appropriate court. When a person is unable to take care of their personal or financial needs because of age, disease, or disability, the court may appoint a guardian. Court-appointed guardians protect Maryland’s most vulnerable individuals. 

The petition and court process varies depending on where your loved one lives. State laws and the decision made by the court will also determine your potential risks and duties as a fiduciary — the person appointed by the court — as well as the level of control the ward retains after your appointment.

Types of Guardianship in Maryland


  • Guardianship of a Minor
  • Guardianship of  an Adult
  • Guardianship of an Alleged Disabled Person
  • Guardianship of the Property

A court appointed Guardian may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred while carrying out his or her duties as Guardian. Additionally, a court appointed Guardian may receive a commission for serving as Guardian. A Guardianship terminates upon the death of the incompetent individual or when the individual’s competence is restored by the court. 

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