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We Focus on Protecting What's Important.

You, Your Family, and Your Legacy!

Who Are We?

We are a boutique law firm located in Downtown Elkton, Maryland, conveniently located next to the Cecil County Circuit Court of Maryland. The Law Office of Chelsea M. Sadler LLC has become one of Cecil County's premier law firms. Chelsea M. Sadler Esq. founded her law practice with a customer first mentality. She focuses on protecting her clients, their families, and their legacies. Since our inception, Chelsea M. Sadler Esq. has attained the honor of being chosen as a Cecil Whig Favorites Attorney in 2018, 2019, and 2020. 




Our practice areas include Family LawEstate Planning Law and Probate LawCivil LawCriminal Law, and Business Law representing the people of Cecil & Harford County, Maryland.

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Our Practice Areas


Family Law

The Law Office of Chelsea M. Sadler LLC. has been serving the people of Cecil and Harford counties in family law. Our cases include adoption, annulment, child custody, and divorce, marital settlement agreements and prenuptial agreements. We also deal with non-marital cohabitation and parenting plans.

The way you feel about your family matters. You need a family law attorney that you can trust; a lawyer who will fight for and protect what's important.


Estate Planning

As your family members age, your family's needs change. You have many questions, as well as many decisions to make, and the process can quickly seem overwhelming. Change can be scary, especially when you’re uncertain about what lies ahead, and the Law Office of Chelsea M. Sadler LLC can help. We’ll clarify the issues and problems you’re facing and provide you with the tools you need to plan ahead. We will personally guide you through these complex legal processes and clearly explain each step, as we help you and your loved ones plan for the future. 


Civil Law

If you have been a victim of fraud or dishonest business practices, it is time for the pain to end. There is no reason to suffer any longer. There is a solution. You deserve an aggressive advocate who will ignore obstacles, find the critical points and take action. It is time for The Law Office of Chelsea M. Sadler LLC. in our relentless pursuit of justice to help you. Talk to our experienced and knowledgeable team today. We will help you navigate your legal problem, give you options and protect your rights against unfair business practices and fraudulent behavior.


Criminal Law

Getting caught up in criminal charges is a nightmare you don’t want to live through, especially if you’re innocent. The strict penalties and severe social consequences that accompany a criminal conviction rightly keep most wrongdoers from even considering the option of pleading guilty or no contest. If you or one of your loved ones is facing criminal charges, the last thing you want to do is to go at it alone. A dedicated Maryland criminal defense lawyer can mount a strong defense on your behalf, whether in relation to Traffic Violations, Drug Possession, Property Crimes or Crimes of Violence such as Assault. 

Our Attorney And Principal


Chelsea M. Sadler Esq. opened the Law Office of Chelsea M. Sadler LLC. in 2014. She Focuses on Protecting What's Important. You, Your Family & Your Legacy.

Before going into full time practice Chelsea was a Law Clerk for the Late Honorable Richard Eli Jackson and Honorable Keith A. Baynes. During her time as a Law Clerk, she worked on various types of cases and worked with all of the sitting and visiting judges of the Circuit Court for Cecil County.

The Law Office of Chelsea M. Sadler LLC, has the strength and resources to provide you with efficient, professional, and affordable legal representation in all aspects of Estate Planning Law, Family Law, Business Law, Criminal Law and Civil Law to protect your well-being as well as your family and your legacy.

"Lord, grant that I may be able in argument, accurate in analysis, strict in study, candid with clients and honest with adversaries. Sit with me at my desk and listen with me to my client's plaints, read with me in my library, and stand beside me in court, so that today I shall not, in order to win a point, lose my soul."

St. Thomas More

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Over 10 Years of  Legal Experience

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The Law Office of Chelsea M. Sadler LLC., is a general practice law firm Focused on Protecting What's Important. You, Your Family and Your Legacy!


We have been providing legal representation to the the people of Cecil & Harford Counties since 2014 in Estate Planning Law, Family Law, Business Law, Criminal Law and Civil Law.

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