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What is a scheduling conference in my Maryland Divorce case?

A scheduling conference is a court proceeding that takes place early in the divorce process to set a timeline for the proceedings and to discuss and resolve any issues that might arise during the case.

The purpose of a scheduling conference is to ensure that the divorce case is handled in a timely and efficient manner.

In Maryland, scheduling conferences are typically held in circuit court divorce cases after the complaint for divorce has been filed and served.

During the scheduling conference, the parties and their attorneys meet with a judge or Magistrate to discuss the case schedule and to set deadlines for the completion of various tasks such as the exchange of financial information and the filing of any necessary motions.

The scheduling conference is an opportunity for the parties to discuss any disputes or concerns they may have, and the judge or Magistrate will help to resolve them. The judge or Magistrate may also issue orders or make recommendations to the parties to help them move forward.

It's important to note that scheduling conference is a mandatory proceeding in Maryland, and both parties are expected to attend and be prepared to discuss the case schedule and any issues that may arise during the divorce process. The outcome of the scheduling conference is often reflected in a written scheduling order, that lays out the deadlines and requirements for both parties to follow.

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