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Landlord and Tenant Tips to avoid disputes


Tenant Responsibilities in Maryland

Aside from paying rent on time, Maryland tenants must:

  • Keep the unit in a safe and habitable condition

  • Keep fixtures clean and sanitary

  • Make small repairs and maintenance

  • Not disturb other tenants or neighbors

Landlord Responsibilities in Maryland

Maryland landlords are required to provide and maintain a habitable dwelling and make all requested repairs in a “reasonable” time frame, which is normally interpreted as 30 days. If they do not, then Maryland tenants may make the repairs themselves and deduct the cost from future rent payments and withhold rent outright in some circumstances.

Here is a list of essential amenities that landlords in Maryland are or are not responsible for.

  • Dwelling structures

  • Water

  • HVAC (If AC is provided)

  • Plumbing/Sanitation

  • Accessible Fire Exits

  • Electrical wiring and outlets

  • Mold (Not Landlords Responsibility)

As always you should read and understand your lease prior to signing it in its entirety or have a lease prepared for your rental property to protect yourself and your business. Maryland Landlord-Tenant Code and Court Rules 


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